Meet Jody

CEO and Founder

“Empowering women to educate their minds, heal their bodies and feed their souls.”

Jody Colvard, Founder

Jody Colvard

About Jody & Femina Global

Jody Colvard is the CEO of the Femina Media Group, a cutting-edge community combining art and science to empower Women's voices, ideas & stories.

With a career spanning over 18 years in business successes, Jody has worked with celebrities such as Chaka Khan; with charity organizations such as Make a Wish Foundation and The Sole of Africa with Nelson Mandela, Brad Pitt and Sir Richard Branson; and with clients featured on 20/20, Good Morning America, Oprah, and Dr. Phil.

Since FMG Network's launch in 2004, the Femina Media Group has created a matrix of media properties for Women, which include FMG.TV,, and

Each platform is designed to empower Women to educate their minds, heal their bodies and feed their souls.

Mission and Vision

Empowering Women and their voices to be Transformational Global Leaders. a style of leadership where a leader works to identify needed change, creating a vision to guide the change through inspiration, and executing the change within a committed, motivated group of individuals.